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Sports Engineering, Inc. announces groundbreaking shoe technology that promotes enhanced safety for athletes

Sports Engineering, Inc.’s SmartSpring technology offers a next-gen solution designed to mitigate injuries and enhance performance while providing more comfort to all athletes.

Portsmouth, NH – July 16, 2021 – Sports Engineering, Inc. (“SEI”), a sports technology company, is pleased to announce the introduction of its SmartSpringTM technology to the athletic, utility, and casual footwear industry following years of development and testing.

Prompted by the recent number of high-profile professional sports injuries, SEI is announcing to assure that there are now solutions available to mitigate injuries to the ankle, ACL, MCL, and lower extremities. Our patented SmartSpring technology will make sports safer for all athletes, whether professional athletes, amateur athletes, or “weekend warriors”.

SEI is under NDA (non-disclosure agreements) with several “brand name” footwear companies regarding the development of SmartSpring based footwear. The patented SmartSpringTM technology uses a unique interface that absorbs energy from unusual and abrupt movements that could otherwise result in potentially injurious loads on knees and ankles. The inclusion of this technology into athletic footwear is intended to allow all athletes to compete at a higher performance level, for a longer period of time.

SEI has been working with the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York City, the #1 ranked orthopedic hospital in the United States. HSS is the official hospital of the New York Giants, Mets, Knicks, Red Bulls, as well as the Brooklyn Nets, NYRR, USA Basketball and many more. SEI is working with HSS to conduct research and product development that advances our understanding of injury and how these unique technologies will play a role to keep athletes safer.
“We intend to keep athletes at all levels, in all sports, safer by reducing the risk of game changing, or even career changing injury”, said Dan Richard, President of SEI. “SmartSpring™ technology can also be used in a myriad of applications and work environments including athletic turf, flooring, protective pads, military, and other footwear, to improve comfort and reduce biomechanical stress.

Professor Christopher Brown of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is the inventor of the SmartSpring™ suite of patented technologies. Dr. Brown believes that this development will allow athletes to play safer and stay active longer. “With SmartSpring™ technology working on your feet will be more productive, comfortable, and less stressful. Everyone will feel better and safer walking, hiking, running, and playing sports.

Founded in 2017, SEI is a leader in injury mitigation footwear technology. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to transform performance footwear by shaping, redistributing, and managing horizontal shear and rotational force.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1865 to create and convey the latest science and engineering knowledge in the most beneficial ways to society. Today, WPI holds firm to its founding mission to provide an education that balances theory with practice.

Dan Richard, President
Sports Engineering, Inc.
126 Daniel Street, Suite 110
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Phone: 603-319-8471

Investor Relations:
Todd Cowle

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