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The Problem

Excessive ground reaction forces, transmitted through footwear, can cause significant injuries to knees and ankles.


Injuries can be traumatic and career-ending, especially ACL tears which are common in court and field sports.


Lower leg injuries are often non-contact related and a result of unusual and abrupt movements.

The Solution

SEI’s innovative technology is based on managing loads through a Split Sole™ interface with non-linear springs.


Our technology is designed to reduce or eliminate the potential for traumatic injury due to force and/or catastrophic rotation, and chronic injury due to repetitive stress.

SEI’s suite of load management technologies is designed for the Split Sole™.


The Split Sole™ is the foundation. Generally speaking, it is split into an upper portion and a bottom portion. The upper portion is integrated with the foot. The lower portion comes in contact with the ground.


Non-linear springs are inserted into the split sole and are responsible for managing force and rotation. The design and location of each spring can be tuned for different sports, different consumers, and diverse price points.

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Suite of load management technologies

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Goat’s Head

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Cam – Condyle

This is the first time nonlinear springs have been used in footwear. The placement of the springs in split sole allow the technology to also focus on lateral movement.


This is the first time, that both lateral and vertical stress has been addressed.

Focus and Opportunity

Our initial focus is injury prevention and athletic performance. These technologies can also be adapted to lower the risk for repetitive stress injuries, ultimately providing long-term comfort for people who are on their feet for long periods at a time.


Our technologies are designed for use in lateral and vertical activities such as basketball, soccer, lacrosse and tennis, as well as activities like running and walking.

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