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SEI Technology Adapted for Football Helmets

NEW YORKApril 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/

Sports Engineering Inc., (SEI) is pleased to announce the submission of a proposal to the NFL’s HeadHealthTECH Challenge for a grant to develop a helmet prototype for the NFL Helmet Challenge. There is up to $2 million in funding grants available to recipients, which will be awarded in May 2020. SEI is partnering with Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), UMass Dartmouth, and Perfect Storm Sports Technology, LLC for this challenge. The challenge, which will culminate in July 2021 with applicants submitting helmet prototypes for testing, is to produce a helmet that will reduce the risk of concussions. Applicants will compete for a $1 million award.

SEI and its team are using nonlinear springs between an outer shell and the head, to absorb impacts without relying on foam, which compresses and loses absorption capacity in about half its thickness. The absorptive capacity of nonlinear springs can be twice that of conventional helmets for linear impacts. Our concept can also address rotational impact due to the unique independence of each component of our design, which is based on the principles of axiomatic design. This concept is backed by research performed at WPI on developing nonlinear, tunable springs for use in shoes—and general physics.

SEI believes that the technology invented by Professor Christopher Brown, SEI Director of R&D Tristin Carlton, and WPI engineering students is a novel, superior way to address the football helmet concussion problem.

SEI is also pleased to announce that as of April 1ST, 2020 the company has licensed the rights from WPI to 2 recently filed provisional patent applications that pertain directly to protective helmets. These include concepts for baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, ice hockey, cricket, biking, construction, and military helmets. These patent applications are in addition to one issued patent, a continuation in part, and four worldwide pending patents already licensed by SEI.


Sports Engineering, Inc (SEI) is a sports technology company that specializes in identifying, developing and commercializing innovative and disruptive sports technologies, and associated intellectual property. The Company owns the exclusive marketing and manufacturing rights to the SEI suite of technologies developed by WPI. SEI is the first company to introduce a unique sole design that protects against catastrophic knee and ankle injuries while maintaining performance. Their revolutionary nonlinear tunable spring systems control load transmissions at the critical level when ordinary playing loads are exceeded and potential for injury increases.

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