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Ground reaction forces transmitted through the shoe, and significantly in field, court and floor sports, both from lateral and vertical excessive loads, contribute to significant injuries and discomfort to the ankle, knee and other parts of the body.

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Statistics indicate that ACL injuries affect as many as 250,000 people per year, resulting in increased health costs of over $2B. Ankle injuries, which happen in all sports, are the most common injury, with over 20 million affected per year, 30% of these injuries related to sports, and many which we believe could be limited or avoided with the SmartSpringTM.

Injuries often result from some form of loads (forces, torques) transferred through footgear to the foot and onto bone, cartilage, tendon or other tissue structure. In professional sports, this can take a high paid athlete off the game field for a few or many months – a costly scenario for all involved. In fact, over 100 professional athletes suffered season ending injury throughout the last twelve months due to traumatic knee and ankle injuries.

For even the casual walker, hiker or marcher, conventional shoes provide potential for serious injury, reduced comfort resulting in greater fatigue, and other related problems.

For those who work on their feet for hours a day – postal workers, military, police, fire fighters and other first responders, industrial, construction, and warehouse, etc., injuries are costly. Ankle and foot injuries result in lost time for a significant amount of active duty soldiers in the US Army, and between 65-70% of soldiers will suffer a lower extremity injury during their service..


Created and designed by a team at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), under the leadership of Prof. Christopher Brown – a recognized leader in the field – the SmartSpringTM technologies provide new and revolutionary sole designs that can significantly reduce injury while maintaining or enhancing performance.


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