US-Based Sports Engineering, Inc. announces revolutionary shoe technology that may significantly reduce injuries for professional and amateur athletes

Sports Engineering, Inc.’s SmartSpring TM technology offers a novel solution that can reduce injuries, enhance performance and provide more comfort.

June 18, 2019

Sports Engineering, Inc. (“SEI”), a sports technology company based in New York and Toronto, announced that it will shortly introduce its SmartSpringTM technology to the sports, utility and casual footwear industry following years of development.

Prompted by the recent number of high-profile professional sports injuries in basketball (e.g. Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson & Zion Williamson), SEI decided to make the announcement now to provide assurance that there are solutions available to mitigate injuries to the ankle, ACL and MCL by using the proprietary SmartSpringTM technology.

First developed by an engineering team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and advanced by the professionals at SEI, the SmartSpringTM technology uses a unique interface that transfers loads effectively and efficiently from both vertical and horizontal movement for regular play, and responds to limit increases in loads before an athlete reaches an injury threshold. No athletic shoes on the market today offer such a design or product.

“Injuries to athletes of all levels in all sports , which may be game or career changing, can be significantly reduced by incorporating our SmartSpringTM technology into existing and new shoe designs”, said Robert Daniels, President of SEI. “As well, the SmartSpringTM technology can be used in utility, hospitality, military and other footwear to improve comfort and reduce bodily stresses”

The SmartSpringTM consists of a suite of designs, each developed for different uses , offering customization and varying price points relative to each market. The SmartSpringTM has additional applications for sports equipment and many general commercial and industrial uses, including robotics.

Added Ed Cowle, CEO of SEI,” We have kept our technology under wraps until it was refined. However, with greater need for new solutions to reduce injuries, we felt it necessary to make this important announcement at this time.”

The technology is so proprietary that there is no current website explaining the SmartSpringTM. Mr. Daniels expects to launch an updated site in the coming weeks.

According to Prof. Christopher Brown of  Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the Chief Designer of the SmartSpringTM , “Athletes will play safer and better. People will stay active longer and enjoy faster rehabilitation. Working on your feet will be more productive, comfortable and less stressful. Everyone will feel better and safer walking, hiking, running and playing sports with SmartSpringTM in their shoes and boots.”

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