• Sports and recreation shoes of all types (running, basketball, football, soccer, tennis and other racquet sports)
  • Skates, ski boots and snowboard boots
  • Shoes and foot gear for mitigating leg and foot impact loads – heavy people and the elderly
  • Shoes and boots for rehabilitation from injury, surgery or assisting with diseases, such as diabetes
  • Shoes and boots for military, parachuting, law enforcement and EMS
  • Utility shoes for construction, hospitality, service and postal workers


  • Binding plates, ski bindings, water ski bindings, wakeboard bindings.
  • Skate boards and scooters.
  • Racquet handles for tennis and other racquet sports.
  • Hockey sticks.
  • Bows and cross bows.
  • Barriers on hockey rinks, ski slopes, under aerial lifts, for bike racing, car racing, sledding and other situations where impact absorption could prevent injuries.
  • Door closers.
  • Restraint devices (seat belts, shoulder harnesses and child seats) for cars, boats, and aircraft.
  • Shock absorbers in all kinds of vehicles, entertainment rides, and equipment subject to sudden accelerations.
  • Grippers for robots, aerial lifts and other conveyors.
  • Load control on machine tools and other tools to protect the tool and the workplace. Load control on hand tools to protect the user.
  • Load control on vehicles subject to impact or sudden movement that could cause injury to occupants or damage to vehicles.
  • Crash protection in helicopters, sailplanes, hang gliders, all aircraft, including drones.

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