Sports Engineering Inc. (SEI) is the exclusive licensee of the innovative SmartSpringTM technologies, developed by Worcester Polytechnic Institute. SEI is working with other stakeholders to commercialize the SmartSpringTM for use in all types of footwear and other commercial applications.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Under the direction of Prof. Christopher Brown,, and a team of graduate students, the SmartSpringTM​ technology was created and designed.

WPI holds the material patents for the core technology, and provides ongoing design and testing.

WPI is a shareholder of SEI, and will also receive royalties from the SmartSpringTM technologies.


Sports Engineering, inc.

SEI has the exclusive licence for the SmartSpringTM technology and all of its applications worldwide.

The SEI team is responsible for all aspects of commercializing the SmartSpringTM technology, from design through prototype development, to engaging with sub-licensees or purchasers, contract management, as well as overseeing the future applications in shoes and other market sectors.

dan richard design

Dan Richard Design

Responsible for all aspects of product design for SEI, Dan Richard Design is a leader in shoe design, product development and implementation strategies, and forms a critical part of the success team in the ongoing design and growth of the SmartSpringTM technology in its varied applications.

Dan Richard has 35+ years experience in the design, development, sourcing and production of shoes and sports equipment.


Rise Global Partners

Responsible for brand management and licensing of the SmartSpringTM, the principals of RISE Global – Paul Healey and Charles Liberge are well respected in the industry. With decades of experience in the branding / marketing / distribution of footwear in the sports and diabetic/medical sectors, they maintain a “retail-centric” approach to product and business development.


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For more information about the SmartSpringTM technologies, or inquiries about sub-licenses or other business opportunities, please contact us.

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